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Top Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal

Dhan Karki

There are countless Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal because Buddhism is Considered the second most popular religion in Nepal. Lord Buddha who founded Buddhism was born in Lumbini, Nepal. Emperor Ashoka came to Nepal &....

15 days Dashain festival in Nepal


Dashain festival in Nepal is one of the grandest,longest & most auspicious festival originating from....

Langtang trek map, guide,& itinerary

Dhan Karki

Langtang trek is the nearest Himalayan range from Kathmandu at 51 km. It is situated....

Tihar festival Nepal

Tihar festival in Nepal

Dhan Karki

Nepal is a country united in diversity is not only popular all around the world....

The Most beautiful lakes in Nepal

Dhan Karki

The second richest country in water-resources Nepal is not only the home to majestic mountains....

manaslu trek

Manaslu trek map,itinerary,& difficulty

Dhan Karki

Manaslu trek is another calm and peaceful popular trekking route in the west-central part of....

Everest base camp trek difficulty

What are Everest base camp trek difficulties?

Dhan Karki

Everest base camp trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world.....