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manaslu trek

Manaslu trek is another calm and peaceful popular trekking route in the west-central part of Nepal with amazing culture, diverse biodiversity, geographical variations, and beautiful natural scenery. Manaslu is named by the mountain above then eight thousand meters (8,163m) situated in the Gorkha district. To protect and successive handover to the upcoming generation, the Manasalu conservation area has been protecting 1,663km zone since 1998 for natural resources, cultural heritage, wildlife, flora, and fauna.

Manaslu trek map offers different spectacular trekking routes, above eight thousand meters mountain expedition, snow-capped peak climbing, and explore some beautiful valley. Manaslu circuit trek, Tsum valley trek, Larke peak climbing, Manaslu Nar Phu –gain trek are some popular activities of the region. Those activities belong to this region are as follow;

Adventure details in Manaslu trek;

Mt. Manasalu expedition in Manaslu trek map

Mt. Manaslu is the eighth highest peak in the world located in the historical district of Nepal Gorkha at height of 8,163m above the sea level, around 64km east of Mt. Annapurna. Manaslu is also named by ” mountain of sprits ” in Nepal and Mt. Kutung in Tibet. Two mountaineers Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu first time summited Mt. Manaslu successfully on 9th May 1956.

Even though there been several expeditions earlier, Mt. Manasalu was legally opened for climb since 1991. It becomes a popular expedition after the inaugural expedition by H.W Tilman. Mt. Manaslu is an attractive expedition around the world and every year several numbers of peoples climb it but because of challenging rescue Mt. Manasalu is considered an isolated region. Therefore, we would recommend only tough trekkers and well- structure clusters of trekking groups can attain the Mt. Manasalu expedition.

Trip information for Mt. Manaslu Expedation;

Duration: 33/40 days
Country: Nepal
Max altitude: 8,163m/ 26,763ft
Grade: hard
Best season: Autumn
Walking per day: 4-6 hours
Nature: Hotel + Lodge + Tea house

Himlung Himal expedition in Manaslu trek map;

Another surprising mountain expedition of the region is Mt. Himlunlg lies to the northeast of Annapurna range with an aspiring height of 7,126m at the border of Nepal and Tibet. Trip to Mt. Himlung follows through Annapurna round to Koto and from Koto to Na-Phu Gaun. There is a newly opened route from Nar Phun- Gaun to Manang which offers plenty of tall peaks and passes with a breathtaking view of Api Himal,Kappa Chuli peak, Nandadevi, and many more.

Base camp is situated at height of 4,900m and there are three high camps at the height of 5,450m, 6,000m, and 6,350m respectively. It takes normally 10 -15 days to conquer Himlung peak and returned to base camp through the icy way. The Japanese team first time took the summit in the year of opening in 1992.

Since then, only a few teams have been completed succeed top including some Japanese and other countries. Although it is comparably easy heigh fitness is required because of height altitude. The top of the peak offers a splendid view of many mountains and valley standing in isolation position.

Trips information for Himlung Himal expedition;

Duration: 32 days
Country: Nepal
Max altitude: 7,126m/23,379m
Grade: hard
Best season: Spring/autumn
Walking per days: 4-6 hours
Nature: Hotel + Lodge + Tea house

Larke peak climbing in Manaslu trek map;

Larke peak climbing is another newly open attractive peak climbing for outstanding scenery view in Manaslu trek . While traveling along the way through Manasalu circuit trek visitors get full of satisfaction with the diverse Tibetan and Nepali culture, tradition, and amazing natural beauty.

This peak belongs to the path of Larke la pass in the Gorkha district at 6249m from sea level. This route nowadays becoming more popular and you will get the chance to meet many travelers along the way which makes your visit more interesting and exotic. Spectacular beauties with warm hospitality at the border of Tibet and Nepal always make you inspired to go there.

Trip information for Larke Peak climbing;

Duration: 19 days
County: Nepal
Max altitude: 6249m/20,502ft
Walking per day: 5-6 hours
Grade: moderate
Best season: autumn
Nature: lodge

Trekking details in Manaslu trek map;

Manasalu circuit trek;

Manaslu circuit trek is one of the best treks for nature lovers as well as typical mix culture and lifestyle of Nepalese and Tibetan enthusiasts. Abundant wildlife including Thar (mountain goat), Angli(Blue sheep), Pika (highest living mammals), Himalayan marmots, and sometimes snow leopard makes your trip more attractive throughout Manaslu conservation area. The highest point of the trek takes you to Larke pass at an altitude of 5106m, with a stunning mountain view of many mountain and mountain ranges such as Manaslu, Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, Nemjung, Gyaji Kang Guru, and Annapurna 11.

Trip information for Manaslu circuit trek;

Name: Manasalu circuit trek (Larke la pass)
Starting point: Arughat
Grade: moderate
Duration: 13-15 day (depends upon starting point )
Location: West-central Nepal, Gorkha district
Type: popular
Main Attraction: Mountain views, typical mix Nepali and Tibetan culture, amazing view in some Annapurna and Manaslu region.
Ending point: Besishar

Tsum valley trek in Manaslu trek map;

Tsum valley is one of the beautiful most secluded Himalayan valleys with full of Tibetan Buddhist influence culture and tradition. This remotest valley is a newly opened new tourist destination and it is getting better every year with an increase in several tourists because of its incomparable beauty and ancient Tibetan culture and tradition.

The valley is surrounded by three amazing mountain ie. Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and Baudha Himal ranges. It is located northern part of Mt. Manaslu and used to be restricted until 2008. This is one of the peaceful and perfect combinations of Himalayan, valley, and ancient culture trek in Nepal, which passes through the alpine forest, glacier river, and warm hospitality of innocent local people. Tsum valley trek also offers a great chance to visit various ancient Gompas of the region such as; Rachan Gompa, Mu Gompa, Dephyudonma Gompa.

Trip information for Tsum valley trek;

Name: Tsum valley trek
Starting point: Arughat
Max altitude: 3,700m
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 11-13 days (depending upon starting point)
Type: Emerging
Location: Gorkha district
Main attraction: Amazing Tsum valley, Typical Tibetan culture, and tradition, Ancient gompas,
Ending point: Arughat

Manaslu Nar-Phu Gaun trek in Manaslu trek map;

Manaslu Nar Phu-Gaun trek is another popular and little longer duration trek of the region. This trek goes through Kang la pass (5,315m) and Larke la pass (5106m) with stunning mountain views like Annapuran 11, Kangaroo, Chyoo, Manaslu south, Larke peak and Gangapurna. A fantastic journey through the Manaslu region takes us to the exotic and enthralling valley of Nar Phu in the north of Annapurna. These treks offer spectacular mountains view of all three mountains over eight thousand meters such as Mt. Manasalu (8163m), Mt. Dhauligiri (8161m), and Annapurna 1(8081m).

Trip information for Manaslu Nar-Phu-Gaun trek;

Name: Manaslu Nar Phu-Gaun trek
Grade: Moderate
Type: Emerging
Best season: Spring/autumn
Duration: 24 days
Main attraction: Two amazing passes, three over eight thousand Mountain View, mix Nepali and Tibetan culture, a trip through Annapurna and Manasalu conservation area.

Culture, tradition, lifestyle, and food in Manaslu trek;

Like many other Himalayan regions of Nepal, in the Manaslu trek also you can see a diverse culture with the influence of Tibetan. There are different kinds of religion and ethics groups. Especially, Arayan and Braman’s ethics group with Hindu religion is living in the lower region and the Gurung ethics group with Buddhist religion groups belongs to the Upper region. Manaslu trek is best route to see still reflection of authentic culture and warm hospitality for those visitors in the region.

Agriculture and animal husbandry is the source of income for local people. With an increase in the number of visitors every year restaurant, hotel, lodge, trekking agency and other service provider related to tourism is becoming an alternative source of income nowadays. This outstanding Manaslu trek is dotted with austere monasteries, mani walls, and other Buddhist religious landmarks. The traditional faith of non-violence and compassion augments the wildlife diversity of the region.

The most common foods of the Manaslu trek are Dal Bhat with curry, bread teams, noodles soup, dumplings, potatoes, etc. These are those easy menu and visitors relatively high demanded food, but especially in dinner if you want to test the authentic local taste of the region, you can just tell your guide and order local taste of the region which are everyday best choice hygienic food of local people.

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