Tibet Travel info

Tibet Travel info

Visa and permit to Tibet;

A valid passport is required for travel to Tibet. A-one Himalaya treks and tours Pvt.Ltd process for your visa for those travelers who have booked a trip with us. The following information needs to process along with a photocopy of a valid passport.

  1. Full name as written in the passport
  2. Date of birth
  3. Passport number
  4. Gender
  5. Date of issue
  6.  Date of expiration

Weather and climate;

Geographically, Tibet lies beyond the trans-Himalayan range and has minimal rainfall and sunny day. May to September is best season travel Kailash and march to November is best for central Tibet. The temperature of the region rises at 22 degrees Celsius and 8 degrees Celsius in the evening and sometimes even below then zero.


To complete this trip successfully travelers need to have good health conditions because of high altitude. If travelers don’t have good health there would be a chance of altitude sicknesses like mild headaches, nausea, and loss of appetite. Non-alcoholic drinks like juice and water are necessary to keep you in charge. Those with health conditions including asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, and cardiac problems should seek a doctor’s approval before planning on this journey.


The unit of currency in Tibet is Renminbi or Yuan. Exchange of currency is available in a bank of china branches situated in Zhangmu, Lhasa and other major cities.

Risk and liability;

A-one Himalaya treks and tours Pvt.Ltd gives full effort to make your journey smooth and pleasant as possible. But remember that all the programs conducted under the rules and regulations of the Tibet tourism bureau. Therefore neither A-one Himalaya treks and tours nor Tibetan agents shall be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstances or sometimes, unfortunately, there will be a problem of road blockages, landslides, snowfall, flooding, political disturbance, illness and accidents, flight cancellation. Any additional costs that are a result of circumstances will be born by travelers.


A-one Himalayan treks and tours Pvt Ltd suggest you all travelers to purchase travel insurance. Which provides care and services for sickness, accidents, emergency, rescue, etc. related to international travel.
We provide well trained, experienced, different language speaking (especially English and Hindi )staff those have been working with many tourists in the different high region of Nepal and Tibet.


Our company manages all overland transportation. We provide to Kathmandu – Kodari- Kathmandu portion of the trip and four wheels  private vehicles in Tibet. A truck will carry those gears and supplies. Yak and yak men are the means of transportation during the trek.

Medical supplies and services;

Medicals facilities are fundamental to Tibet. Our company provides all basic first aid for altitude sickness including an oxygen cylinder with mask and altitude portable chamber. If you are using a kind of some medicine for a while, we would like to recommend you to bring with you.
Postal service and communication
There are facilities of the internet, telephone, and postal service in different places of Tibet. In case of an emergency, our responsible staff with you can manage or you can contact our head office in Kathmandu.


Due to frequent changes in temperature and different means of transportation during the trip, we recommend you to have with your shortlist of both warm and cold temperature clothes.