Mission and Vision


  • To provide an adequate requirement for all our clients
  • Warmly welcome all guests with professional, knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • We are aware to long term impact of environmental, social and behavioral arise with tourism, so we are always eager to make Relationship between you and Nepalese people everlasting
  • To provide our guest fast and fact information with cultural, historical, religious any kind of experience in Nepal as well as south Asian influence
  • We work hard to get our clients demands and dream to visit around amazing county Nepal as a friend
  • We are trying to get satisfaction from our client’s word of mouth, therefore if you want to visit here in Nepal we give all of our time and focus to you as a Nepali slogan for guest “guest is our God”.


  • Make sure that all travelers around world Nepal is the best destination because of its geographical variation, nature, culture, history, ethical diversity, food, generous people and best hospitality
  • Share and show the lifestyle, behavior, history and traveling experience of local people and visitors
  • To be the best treks and tours organizing company by analyzing our client’s demands and remarks
  • According to the situation of our country, we would like to provide some part of your purchase cost in the field of social work and helpless or orphan peoples around the country
  • Try to keep our relationship with guests always, warm, memorable, interconnected in the different situations around the world not as a client as a friend of the global citizen.