Risk and Warning Contract

Risk and Warning Contract

Political situation;

In terms of politics, Nepal is more stable then ever,2/3 majority of government elected from the democratic election system is running the country. There is no major risk of crime over the county. The county is practicing to follow the rule of law as much as possible.

Strikes and Demonstrations;

As soon as improved in political system after endorsed the continuation of Nepal since 2015 from constitution assembly, long term history of strikes and demonstrations related to politics, students, and moist have been almost deactivated. But occasionally some kind of disappointed groups still try to do and turn into violent.Locally demonstrations are named by Julus or some time Chakka jam (jam the wheels). During the period of the demonstration, everything is closed except for the emergency. So unfortunately if it would happen during your trip better to stay at your hotel.

Avoided things and activities if there would be political instability in Nepal are as follows;

Useful advice;

It would be better to had following advice for traveling in Nepal
1. Register with your responsible embassy in Kathmandu, especially if you are going some adventure
2. Traveling alone is risky in the Himalayas. A solo woman should avoid travel with a male guide
3. Be familiars with symptoms that might occur because of altitude sickness and immediately take enough first aid or acclimatization
4. Avoid traveling in night bus in a remote area, especially hilly and mountain region
5. Keep your passport, visa, plane ticket and trekking permit safely


We aren’t agreeing that all those Nepalese people are good and equally honest to you. Therefore, we highly suggest you do not follow the unwanted instructions if they want to impose you. We recommend you to read carefully following instructions;

1. If somebody is forcing you to buy something, please take the advice of your guide or familiar local guy
2. Don’t go anywhere without inform your guide or responsible staff
3. Don’t practice to do some sporting(risky) activities if those are not necessary during the trek
4. It would be better to quite drink after 4,000m altitude
5. Don’t give your detail personal information, credit cards, etc to someone even though you think they are fine


We can’t say you that, there is no thief like many countries around the world. While you packing your bags or personal documents, money, etc, you have to be aware and prepare about those unwanted things that might happen sometime. So if you feel uncomfortable with some things because of your personal habits or regional distance or language barriers please don’t hesitate to tell your guide or our head office.