Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

A-one Himalayan treks and tours are the responsible and trustworthy travel agency in Nepal. It offers trekking, tours and other activities related to tourism within Nepal and Tibet. The company is always aware of and concern about customer desire, happiness, and satisfaction in all aspects.
Please go through the terms and conditions carefully before booking your trip with us. Those following terms and conditions are related to you after your date of booking.

General booking information;

Whenever you are going to book those packages related to Nepal or Tibet with us, you need to provide the photocopy of your passport and 20% cost of total trip cost as a deposit. This 20% deposit amount is trip cancellation fees, which is non-refundable once you have made the down payment of the trip.
The remaining amount you can collect in our company as mention below or online transfer or in Kathmandu you can give responsible staff before leave trek/tour.
Note: In the case of Tibet you need to pay before 20 days of your departure date if want to fly directly.
Mode of Payment
You can make your payment in the following ways;
Swift/Wire transfer

Remember that bank service charges related to payment are the responsibility of the client. Your invoice confirmation will be sent when we verify receiving the funds.

Through credit card

Risk and liabilities;

All those trekking and tours in Nepal and Tibet are conducted under the rules and regulations of the Tourism board of the respective country. So, unfortunately, if there would be sometime unavoidable circumstances like change in the rules and regulations of the country, any government restrictions, natural disasters, political instability, cancellations of flights, delays, sickness or accidents, breakdown of vehicles, etc. We are not liable for any changes and cancellation of the trip because of the above mention conditions but we can give some best advice from our side. Any extra cost incurred due to such situations shall have to borne by clients themselves.

Last-minute booking ;

If you are going to book some trips within Nepal we can accept last minute booking just three days before your departure, but in the case of Tibet, it is unacceptable.

Postpone trip;

If you would provide us written notice with reason about unable to take a trip to your booking schedule, then postpone is available.
In case of postponing of Nepal tour, a minimum USD 150.00 will be charged as a current trip cancellation charge and the remaining amount will be transferred for the postponed trip.
Note; Trip postpone is only available within Nepal.

Cancellation policy;

If in any case, you want to cancel your trip, that 20% deposit cost would be charged for trip cancellation fees. But, if you have paid more than the trip deposit then we shall reduce the 20% trip deposit cost and the remaining balance will be refunded to you via the original payment method.
And this policy is effectively applicable right after you confirmed your booking with us. It does not matter whether you intend to cancel one month prior or one-day prior departure date, a 20% trip deposit is non-refundable.

Incomplete trip;

We are not liable for any kind of trek, tours and other activities incomplete from the customer’s side.

Unforeseen Circumstances;

If your trip needs to change or cancel because of any unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, unfavorable climates, war, etc. then we manage for you similar another trip or negotiate with each other as your choice. So even if your trip won’t be the one you had chosen, your money will not go in vain.

Price changing ;

If there would be some kind of circumstances like a drastic change in the exchange rate, inflation or government actions, etc. then we reserve our rights to change about the price.

Flight delay/Cancellation ;

There would be a chance of flight delay or cancellation sometime because of excess air in high altitude especially the Everest region, Annapurna region, Dolpa region, so we advise you to have some extra money with you for such condition. The company would not be responsible for additional expenses.

During the trip;

If you do some kind of illegal action according to the governing law of Nepal and you are complained to leave the county. The company will not liable for any refunds.


Above mentions terms and conditions only relate to you, if you book your trip directly with us. Otherwise, if you come through the next agents or third parties, you will be liable with the terms and conditions of respective agents or parties.