Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

According to the  government of Nepal law , it is not mandatory but in terms of your personal and financial security, it is a must when you are planning to trek or peak climbing in the Himalayas. It will be better to choose an insurance company that can cover all the aspects of travel insurance from flight to trek. While traveling high altitude some time there would be emergency evacuation by helicopter, altitude mountain sickness relief, trip delay or cancellation, hotel bills including breakfast and bed, flight delay, or cancellation both domestic and international, loss of baggage, medicals bills and so on. So make sure that your insurance company covers all above mention service during your trip.

Altitude sickness; A-one Himalayan treks and tours itineraries have been designed to have enough acclimatization while you are traveling in high altitude. However, if you have altitude sickness our responsible staff (normally guide ) bring you to lower altitude and provide you a dose of fist aid that we have as well enough personal care. Then, if you need further treatment that would be covered by your insurance.

Note; Please send us your copy of travel insurance before coming to Nepal and bring with you original. This will help us to make a plane if there would be a rescue arrangement in case of an emergency.

A-one Himalaya treks and tours is more concerned about the health of our all clients and staff. Therefore we have prepared all our itineraries as enough rest in high altitude. Furthermore, we provide some of our best that we have are as follows;

First aid
High altitude sickness
Governmental policies and weather
24/7 communication
Helicopter evacuation