Why Travel with us

We are here to fulfill all your dreams into reality in a fantastic way, across the county of Himalaya, amazing geographical diversity, varieties of cast & ethics group, mysterious history & outstanding hospitality. It is our everlasting goal to feel clients satisfied by providing all the efforts that would be able to create them more facilities with our academic expertise & long time experience in the tourism field in different ways. So there are some concerns which we think it should be during the period of travel.

Quality service;

We never compromise with the quality of service during the period of our trips, we hope to hear “the best” from the client’s word of mouth while we start trips with them.

Internet “Live the Life’’ ( pocket wifi);

We know that you are eager to show up your updates with your family & friends, while you are traveling away from your home. Unfortunately in a country like Nepal & especially in the Himalayas, it might be only your wish to get unlimited easy access to the internet at an affordable price. So with the Slogan of “Live the Life” wherever you belong we provide group wifi during the trip as much as possible around there.

Presentation of the trip in Kathmandu;

If you want to know more details about the trip than we have described in our website. It will make clear in Kathmandu with presentations of respective packages from our expert. You will be informed all about packages including day by day itineraries, security, altitude sickness, some general Nepali words, etc.
Note: it is optional so if you want to do this, you should book a trip 20 days before your arrival in Nepal.

Customized itineraries;

By analyzing the value of time & money we have designed dynamically customized itineraries for all packages. We are well aware that you are planning to visit with the busy schedule of your life for a specific time, so we prepare itineraries which can give you a chance to watch & experience as much as things with well-managed acclimatization even in the high altitude.

Friendly environment & helpful behavior;

It might be difficult sometimes to adapt to a new culture, tradition, lifestyle & diverse environment far apart from your permanent place. To reduce all such possibilities & provide all of the entertainment during the period of your stay in Nepal, we focus all our best hospitality on your trip.

Photography service(optional);

If you want to capture lifetime professional photos with our professional photographer, we will manage all that you want during the trip in the Himalayas or any other activities in lower land.

Experienced & well-trained staff;

It is our responsibility to make your trip best as much as possible, so we are well aware that it can happen when there would be experienced & well-trained staff with you in each field. Because sometimes there might happen unwanted accidents in the Himalayan range due to the lack of experience & training. Therefore we manage long time experience & well-trained staff with you during the trip.

Repeated clients offer;

We give you heavy discounts if you want to book multiple packages at the same time or you want to come to visit different or the same package next time through us. And, if you recommend your friends & relatives to visit with us, we can also make them some attractive offers.