What are Everest base camp trek difficulties?

Dhan Karki
Everest base camp trek difficulty

Everest base camp trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world. Many trekkers, adventure lovers & mountain climbers have everlasting dreams to reach even in base camp within a lifetime. Thousands of people have been trekking & camp; climbing for more than half a century from all over the world every year. Those people have created a kind of amazing world record with Everest by doing different unbelievable activities. Everest base camp trek is normally a formal treading route for those who have been living in the Himalayan & near to it, But there is still the question that how difficult is Everest base camp trek for those who haven’t been Himalayan altitude or what do we need to have to reach there successfully. So we want to make clear about those enthusiasms as below;

Everest base camp trek difficulty first; Physical condition

Many people believe that if you are planning to trek around the top of the world,you need to be a marathon runner. But the reality is that, if you can walk 4-5 hours up & down with a light pack you can conquer it. Porter carries most of your equipment for trekking except the camera, water bottle & snacks, so you won’t have heavy weight.
The biggest concern for you is about acclimating to higher altitude & this hasn’t proven to have any link with how fit you are. So, if you go slowly to high altitude there would be more chances to adapt to it easily, but sometimes it also doesn’t work as properly,therefore you must be aware of food & drink. Finally, normal people who have strong will power & desire to go Everest base camp can reach comfortably, if they get a responsible & experienced guide with them.

Everest base camp trek difficulty second; Internet Or Wifi

Most of the people expect wifi where they go & that includes high mountain ranges in the world. Unfortunately, there is limited wifi & for that, you need to pay extra money everywhere. That limited date you have bought in around $5- 10 can only be enough to send some email & Facebook updates. So, analyzing internet problems of our clients, A-One Himalayan treks & Tour Pvt.Ltd provides Pocket wifi as demanding with the size of the group by a slogan that”live the life”

Everest base camp trek difficulty third; Accommodation

There is almost well accommodation until the Pheriche, then after it would be basic, cold & variably clean. Normally a room with 2 single beds, wooden cots with thin foam padding. A sheet, sort of blankets, pillow & pillowcase always provided, don’t;t expect them to be washed between customers. So, you can pack a sleeping bag in your luggage. Otherwise, if you don’t want to bring it, our company manages it here in Kathmandu with some rent.Generally, rooms are hardboard cubicles with no heat or sound insulation. There is also some attached basic bathroom, which might not be easy to get during peak season, so you will be sharing a toilet cubicle which may be squat or western.There will be no heating or in winter or high altitudes, but a yak dung stove in the lodge dining room.

Everest base camp trek difficulty forth; Food & Nutrition

Dal Bhat is the favorite & regular meal of Nepali people. It is a good bet if you are starving because tops ups come free. According to those foreigners, it is the first choice in Nepal. Instead of this, different soups will be beneficial for health in the high altitude, but it won’t be good enough for hungry trekkers. Other than there are plenty of dishes prepared from potatoes as well as noodles, mo:mo,Tibetan bread & pasta with tomato sauce can be found in restaurants & lodges.

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