Annapurna circuit trek guide,map,cost & itinerary


Annapurna circuit trek guide make clear about numbers of activities which are center of attraction for those travelers including, adventure seekers, trekkers, climbers, and mountain sports lovers in Annapurana region. Annapurna circuit trek( Throg la pass), Annapurna sanctuary trek, Gorepani Ponhill trek, Jomsom Mukthinath trek, Tilicho lake trek are famous trekking and hiking route of the region. These trips include short trips, long trips, Family trips and other group trips as your choice. The region is also the center of attraction because of Tilicho Lake situated in the world’s highest altitude and Ice Lake covered by ice. This region trekking offers an opportunity to explore one of the beautiful landmarks with snow-capped Himalayas range Musatang, Hindus and Buddhist sacred sites Mukathinath and diverse Annapurna conservation area.

Annapurna circuit trek guide briefs about Annapurna region which is considered next to the Everest region in terms of popularity, but in terms of the number of actual visitors in this region is the most visited trekking destination. In the trekking route, we can get a well-managed tea house, a camping place, hotels, and hygienic food within the region. Whenever you are traveling in this region, it offers incredibly diverse scenery and landmarks, high spectacular mountains, Greenery forest, typical Gurung village, and unique culture, beautiful Pokhara valley and those historical caves around there, etc. as well as the clean and majestic view of top mountains such as Dhaulagiri(8,167m), Manaslu(8,156m), Annapurna 1(8,091m), Machhapuchhre(6,996m), Nilgiri(6,940m)Tukche peak(6,920m), Annapurna South(7,219m) & rest more.


The natural attraction of the Annapurna circuit trek guide;

Annapurna massif the most beautiful Himalayan range in Annapurna circuit trek guide;

Annapurna massif 35km long including one peak over eight thousand meters(8,000m), thirteen peaks over seven thousand meters(7,000m) and sixteen peaks over six thousand meters (6,000m) are inbound with this massif. The massif is bounded by world deepest Kali Gandaki George on the west, Marshyangdi River on the north and east, beautiful Pokhara valley on the south and at the west end massif encloses with a high basin named by Annapurna sanctuary. Annapuran 1 is the highest mountain of the range and the whole massif is being protected within the Annapurna conservation area since 1985. Those Annapurna circuit trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Tilicho lake trek, Jomsom mukthinath trek, Ghorepani Ponhill trek, take you to this amazing view of nature.


Dhaulagiri massif in Annapurna circuit trek guide;

Dhaulagiri massif extends 120km length including world seventh highest mountain Dhaulagiri and those other snow-capped mountains and peaks. Dhaulagiri is one of the highest mountains within a border of single county Nepal and, in the clear weather, it is a viewpoint for not only Nepal but also some region of India as well as northern Bihar, Gorakhpur in utter Pradesh. It was the first time climbed on 13 May 1960 and nowadays this region is popular for different trekking, the Dhaulagiri expedition, etc. World deepest gorge Kali Gandaki George is situated between Annapurna 1 and Dhaulagiri 1.


Tilicho lake (world highest altitude situated lake) in Annapurna circuit trek guide;

World’s highest altitude situated lake, Tilicho lake at 4919m is located in the Manang district of northwestern Nepal just 55km far from Pokhara valley. Tilicho Lake can be easily visited if you are planning to go Annapurna circuit trek after adding 2-3 days, this route is well managed for tea-house trek. Most of the trekkers have been following the route through throng la pass but nowadays new amazing route is also getting popularity through skirting Tilicho lake from the north. Within this clean and clear lake, there are no aquatic organisms that have been found according to the Nepali Department of Hydrology & Meteorology.


Natural hot spring in Annapurna circuit trek guide;

After crossing Annapurna circuit trek or any kind of trek related to the Annapurna region, if you want to take natural hot spring there are multiple locations for it. Natural hot spring in Magdi district is found in 14 different places including Beni municipality is up to 50-58 degrees Celsius. Historically it is believed that when you take bath in natural hot spring, then you will get relief from kinds of different diseases like arthritis, gastritis and skin disease. Over 20,000 visitors come to visit different hot water spots within a Magdi district per year.


Rhododendron and orchid forest In Annapurna circuit trek guide;

Annapurna circuit trek guide offer you to have wonderful hikes through beautiful Rhododendron and orchid forest especially during the spring season. Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal and it is called Laligurans locally. In western Nepal during its peak blooming season, all the hill are cover with well bloomed red rhododendron flower, the amazing amalgamation of the white color of the Himalayan and the red color of boomed rhododendron makes you feel of heaven.
Not only for scenery view rhododendron is beautiful but it has been using various ceremonies and initiations all over Nepal. As well as local people use it for different medical purposes such as juice of rhododendron can be used in different diseases like diabetes, jaundice, headaches, and stomach problems. Rhododendron can be found in the overall hilly region of Nepal, out of them the Annapurna region, the Langtang region and Kanchanjunga region are more popular.


Poonhill magnificent sunrise view in Annapurna circuit trek guide;

Poonhill is one of the perfect scenery spot for mountains and mesmerizing sunrise view, situated at the border of Kaski district and Myagdi district in Gadaki provenance at altitude 3,210m. This is the best trekking route for those travelers, who have been looking for short and easy altitude trek in the Himalayas. Many Himalayan ranges including Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, the landscape around western Nepal, beautiful green forest around Pokhara valley and mesmerizing sunrise view over the Himalayan range is main attractive activities in this place.


Some main view from the Poonhill is following;

Peaks :  Elevation

Dhaulagiri : 8,167m (7th highest in the world)
Annapurna 1st : 8,091m (10th highest in the world)
Annapurna south : 7,219m
Machapuchare : 6,993m
Annapurna 2nd : 7,937m
Annapurna 3rd : 7,555m
Gangapurna : 7,455m
Tukuche peak : 6,920m
Dhampus peak : 6,012m
Hiunchuli  : 6,441m
Gurja Himal : 7,193m
Nilgiri Himal : 7,061m

Pokhara valley in Annapurna circuit trek guide;

Annapurna circuit trek guide takes you to the one of the most fabulous Pokhara valley is one of the best tourist attractions for all kinds of travelers including domestic and international. Beautiful Pokhara city, Phewa lake, Beganas lake, outstanding view of mountains, greenery forest, Devi’s fall, Mahendra cave as well as different adventure activities like rafting, canoeing, boating, bungee jumping and Seti river are those things that lure the number of visitors every year in increasing way. International mountain museum is another center of attraction for those visitors, where IMM records, document, exhibition-related past and present mountaineering around the world can be found easily in three different halls that are; Hall of great Himalayas, Hall of fame and Hall of World Mountains. Inside the museum, we can also analyze the culture and lifestyle of mountain people, flora and fauna including geology, those other things which can represent traditional culture and values of Nepalese people.


Culture, Tradition, festivals, and lifestyle of the region in Annapurna circuit trek guide;

Annapurna region still reflects the best hospitality system in Nepal in its traditional way. Different ethics groups such as Gurung, Mager, Thakali, Tamang, Brahmins, Chhetries, Samaies, Sarkies, Damien, etc. Out of them, the majority of the Gurung ethics group has been living in this region with their culture. The main source of income is agriculture and animal husbandry along with trading and migrant labor ( for example soldiering with the Indian or British armies). Besides that traditional cultivation method is also popular such as the hoe and plow is still used in all villages as well as sheep and cattle are still grazed in Khakas( grazing land).

Nowadays, income sources and lifestyles of people are changing with a gradual increase in the number of visitors. Hotels and Lodge have been established around the trekking route, residents involve in various tourism activities, modern agriculture systems have been stared in some part, educated youth are working in some NGO, INGO and local schools, etc are the changing that has been taking place in the region. Even though people are gradually changing their lifestyles, they are becoming more aware of their culture, tradition, religion, etc. That way there are some museums and heritage sites to preserve those rare assets, Gurung heritage is the best example of it.

Along with multiple ethics groups, there are different festivals are popular. Throughout the region majority of peoples are Hindus & Buddhists. Festivals like Dashain, their, Tamu Losar, Sonam Losar are the main in this region. Dashain and Their are famous festivals, which celebrates all over Nepal and some part of India as well in a very overwhelming way during September and October. Similarly, Tamu Losar is the main festival of Gurung and in especially the Annapurna region. It is celebrated during December and January with believed that Starting off the new year of Gurung. Sonam Losar is another new year for Tamang which falls in January.

Annapurna circuit trek guide  is one of the perfect combinations of nature, culture, hospitality, lifestyle, diverse ethics group and festivals. Therefore we are sure that if you visit once upon a time you will never forget the moment.


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