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Langtang trek is the nearest Himalayan range from Kathmandu at 51 km. It is situated in the central-north Himalayan range in Bagamati province, within the area of Langtang national park at the border of Tibet. Langtang trek is an attractive tourist destination for those trekkers, mountain climbers, pilgrimages, nature lovers, and people who like white river rafting.

About 25% of the national park is cover by green forest, including deciduous oak and maple, evergreens like pine and various types of rhododendron as well as wild animals like Himalayan black bear, Himalayan tahr (looks like a goat) Assam macaque and world endanger species red pandas.Snow-capped mountains,beautiful valley & holy lakes are the most attractive tourist destination of the Langtang trek.

Furthermore,those mountains above 5000m, 6000m and 7000m take your journey in the real heaven of the planet. Langtang Linrung (7234m) and Lantang Ri (7205m) are the highest peaks in the region. Gosainkunda lake sacred of Hindus is another beautiful attractive place for those pilgrimages and nature lovers. Ancient Buddhist monastery Kynjin Gompa and the biggest cheese factory of Nepal are more places to explore. Various ethics groups with their warm hospitality amazed those visitors with the majority of the Tamang group.

Attractive trekking destination in Langtang trek;

1, Langtang valley trek
2, Langtang and Gosainkunda trek
3, Ganjala pass trek
4, Langtang Gosainkunda Helambu trek
5, Tamang heritage trek
6, Panch Pokhari trek

Langtang valley trek ;

Langtang valley trek is a short and moderate trek for those travelers who are looking for a sense of Himalayan in their busy time. Close up magical Himalayan view, typical Sherpa culture, amazing biodiversity are the major attraction of the region. After driving around 6-7 hours from Kathmandu trekking starts from Sybrubesi.

Trip info for Langtang valley trek in Langtang trek;

Start: Sybrubesi
Duration: 7- 9 days
Grade: moderate
Type: popular
Max altitude: 4,250m
Daily walking: 5-6 hours
Best season: March-May and Sept-Dec
End to: Dhunche

Langtang and Gosainkunda trek in Langtang trek;

Langtang Gosainkunda trek is another popular trekking destination for those travelers who want to spend a bit longer time in the Himalayas. Gosainkunda is the name of a lake which is believed to have been created by Lord Shiva when he thrust Trishula (trident) into a mountain to extract water. Thousands of Hindu devotees come to this place every year to take bath in the holy lake Gosainkund, it has believed that if you dip into the lake, then all your sin will be washed out of your body. An interesting fact is even in the cold season water in the lake is warm as always.

Sarswotikunda and Bhirabkunda are other attractive lakes of the region. Besides trek passes through delightful landscapes, evergreen forest, and a beautiful waterfall in this region.

Trip information for Langtang and Gosainkunda trek in Langtang trek;

Start: Sybrubesi
Duration: 13-15 days
Grade: moderate
Type: popular
Max. Altitude: 4460m
Daily walking: 5-6 hours
Best season: March-May and Sept-Dec
End to: Dhunche

Ganjala pass trek in Langtang trek;

Ganjala pass is situated at a height of 5132m, which is a difficult Himalayan pass of this region. Amazing mountains, green forest, medieval Buddhist culture and traditions, Tamang ethics group lifestyles are the main attraction of the region. Passes offer an outstanding view of Langtang Lirung and those mountains in Tibet including Shisha Pangam at 8013m.

Trip information for Ganjala pass trek in Langtang trek;

Start: Sybrubesi
Duration: 13-15 days
Grade: moderate to strenuous
Type: Popular
Max. Altitude: 5122m
Daily walking: 5-6 hours
Best season: March-May and Sept-Dec
End to: Sermathang

Langtang, Gosainkunda, Helambu trek in Langtang trek;

This is one of the complete packages to get a chance to everything around the region. The journey passes through beautiful Langtang valley, ancient Kyanjin gompa, Langshishakarka to Helambu valley after cross 5,100m. This bit longer trek offers various amazing activities like magnificent Himalayan range view, beautiful sacred lakes, outstanding valleys, and peaceful walk through the evergreen forest.

Trip information for Langtang, Gosainkunda, Helambu trek in Langtang trek;

Start; Sybrubesi
Duration; 15-17 days
Grade; Moderate to strenuous
Type; Emerging
Max altitude; 5100m
Daily walking; 5-6 hours
Best season; Marc-May and Sept-Dec
End to; Sarmanthang

Tamang heritage trek in Langtang trek;

Tamang heritage trek is one of the beast community base trek which offers still nomadic lifestyle of the peoples. This is a culturally rich trail, populated by a majority of Tamang people at the border of Tibet in between the Ganesh Himal and Langtang range. Amazing landscape, outstanding view of snow-capped mountains, typical lifestyle, scattered antique villages, chance to see world endanger red panda and peaceful hiking through greenery forest are the thing that makes a tourist come again in this area.

Trip information for Tamang heritage trek in Langtang trek;

Start; Syabrubesi
Duration; 11-13 days
Grade; Moderate
Type; Emerging
Max. Altitude; 3165m
Daily walking; 5-6 hours
Best season; March-May and Sept-Dec
End to; Dhunche

Panch Pokhari trek in Langtang trek;

Panch Pokhari trekking is a newly opened beautiful and peaceful amazing trekking destination for those nature lovers, lakes lovers, and Hindus pilgrimages. Five consecutive lakes situated at the base of Jugal Himal with beautiful Langtang region is attracting place. This untouched and luring landscape trek offers different valleys, waterfalls, gorges, and caves. Charming walkthrough above 4000m takes you to sense of heaven especially in the spring when the path is covered by blooming rhododendron.

Trip information for Panch Pokhari trek in Langtang trek;

Start; Chautara
Duration; 12-14 days
Grade; Moderate to strenuous
Type; Emerging
Max. Altitude; 4500m
Daily walking; 5-6 hours
Best season; Spring and autumn (March-May and Sept-Dec)
End to; Malamchi

Note; Duration mention above is only included for trekking days after leaving from Kathmandu and before to reach Kathmandu.

Culture, tradition, lifestyle, and food of the Lagtang trek;

Langtang region is one of the perfect combinations of mountains, wildlife, amazing biodiversity, ancient monasteries and gompa, various sacred lakes, white Himalayan rivers, and indigenous groups of people in the nearest distance from Kathmandu at the border of Tibet.

The majority of the Tamang ethnic group live in the region with their typical culture and tradition. They are isolated from their languages, religion, dress, and jewelry, etc. With a variation of their unique culture, all the ceremonies of Tamang are run in a distinctive way including the baptism ceremony, marriage ceremony, and death ritual.

Buddhism is the main religion and priest is known as ”Lama”. The way celebration of religion, culture, and tradition are under the base of Tibetan influence because of the geographical situation. They celebrate Sonam Lhosar as a new year with the biggest festival of the Tanmang peoples, which falls during Feb- march in the Georgian calendar. Most of the peoples are still wearing different customs belongs to their cast.

Residents have been following traditional agriculture and animal husbandry as the main source of income. With the increase in the number of visitors every year, they are changing the way of income some are opening small lodges and restaurants for the tourist, some are investing in transportation, some are going abroad especially gulf countries and some are operating travel companies in Kathmandu.

The main meals of the peoples are common as those other Himalayan regions like noodles, meat ( goat, yak, mutton)`dumpling, cheese, and boiled potatoes.


Note; Even though the Langtang region was badly devastated by the 2015 earthquake, it is regaining its trekking continuously nowadays.

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